Ashkan Mahinfallah

I’m a startup founder and AI mentor, a web developer, and a consultant for business crisis solutions. Above all, I’m a father deeply in love with my spouse and children.

My research and studies indicate that the future of humanity lies within atoms. Instead of searching for the future in the skies, we should delve into the realm of atoms. Bosons and subatomic particles are the fundamental components of matter, and by unraveling their mysteries, we can discover new worlds. These theories have gained considerable acceptance in quantum physics. Nevertheless, it is inconceivable that we have emerged from nothingness.

Nevertheless, I believe in this unknown world, and I know that in the future, we can explore and comprehend dimensions beyond mere space, time, and motion. However, this significant breakthrough relies on the assistance of artificial intelligence. In the near future, AI will be capable of performing highly complex computations, enabling the creation of equations and mathematical and physical formulas that aid us in unraveling this world. Ultimately, humans will upload themselves onto nanometer-scale and even subatomic robots, residing in an infinite realm where even the deceased may come back to life.

I strive to contribute to the advancement of science, technology, and human well-being through the creation of strong tech startups. In addition to robust business ventures, I aim to leverage technology to benefit the fields of science, technology, and human health on Earth.




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I have been active as a co-founder or executive manager, I have also been actively involved in several technology companies as a website manager or internal manager.

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